Core Belief Engineering is the gold’s gym of personal transformation.

Endorsement by the creator and founder of Core Belief Engineering

As her teacher, mentor and, more importantly, her colleague, I have known Lisa since 1995 and have enjoyed my association with her ever since. I have seen her work steadfastly on herself to eliminate limitations and expand on her talent and potential. Her achievements have been many and are still continuing. I’m proud of her for choosing to attain Master Practitioner standing and I admire her ever growing competence, compassion and devotion to help people effectively. An excellent teacher and inspiration to her students and clients, Lisa is a strong and sensitive leader who walks her talk and walks with the giants. If you are lucky enough to know and work with Lisa, you will see amazing return on your investment in yourself.

-Elly Roselle

I would describe my experience in one word: INCREDIBLE!

The things I was able to accomplish working with you is absolutely mind blowing and things I never dreamed I’d be able to achieve. I’ve since been able to move mountains and achieve incredible things and I am forever grateful. From overcoming personal negative beliefs that were obstacles for me achieving things I wanted to do, to making a tremendous difference especially in my marriage where I am able to invest my energies into building my marriage as opposed to carrying a heavy load which was draining me physically, emotionally and mentally.


CBE is life changing. It helps me move the past into the past without it controlling my life today.  I worked a lot on changing the dynamics with my mother. I went from being dependent on her approval to more of a choice relationship.  Where I get to set the rules of engagement. I felt the pain of letting her go and freeing myself in the process.  I was terribly afraid of my mother’s rejection, guilt and shame.  Today I can tolerate her disapproval more.  I was also too scared to speak my truth to her and tell her what I feel. Today it comes more natural for me to be assertive. CBE has definitely added vitality, joy and freedom to my life. I feel more in control than ever before! Thank you, Lisa! 


My life has changed so much since working with Lisa. I went from being anxious and tense most of the time to being calm and centered. I am able to feel my feelings and not be afraid of them and push them away like I used to. I got a promotion at work, which would never have happened had I not done the CBE work and reprogrammed old beliefs and habits. I’m able to understand other people and be more patient with them and don’t expect others to be perfect, or myself for that matter! All in all, it was an incredible, mind-blowing journey working with Lisa. And I wish this journey for every other human out there. Your life will change exponentially and you will be able to unlock your true self and potential.

Thank you!!!!

Before working with Lisa, my life was a roller coaster (and I hate roller coasters;)). I couldn’t take charge of my life and consciously live it. I was being pulled and pushed all around. I was walking through life constantly being triggered and living in a lot of fear of the world around me and my parents. I also had a really bad habit of biting my nails that I had been trying to stop, unsuccessfully. I was too scared to say anything to my parents or disagree/disobey them. I was feeling triggered constantly which resulted in panic attacks a couple of times a week. Each panic attack would last several hours and leave me feeling utterly drained. I was also having bouts of depression where I couldn’t pull myself out of bed for even the simplest task. It was a disaster. How was I meant to hold down a job and lead a normal life like this? There was no way. It felt like my whole life was crumbling before my eyes.

Someone recommended I try CBE. At first, I was adamantly against it. I had little hope for myself. Eventually, they convinced me so I booked my complimentary session. After the call, I felt a bit of hope. I felt understood and I figured I would book a process. I was nervous but I decided to give it my all. We had decided we would work on my anxiety. However, once we started talking, we realized that beneath that is the fear of abandonment. We worked on this fear during my first process. We finished the process in one day. I definitely felt safer after connecting with my younger self but I wasn’t sure that I got to the core of the issue. 

I booked a follow up session the following week to support me through this process. We got on the call and Lisa asked me how I’m feeling. I said, “I feel cliche saying this, but I feel more connected with myself.” I honestly felt like I was making it up because that’s what you are supposed to say but I REALLY did feel more connected with myself. 

It’s been a bit over a year since that first process and one thing I can say is that I can count on my fingers how many panic attacks I have had since. And even the panic attacks that I have had are nothing compared to what I used to have. I have not used a Xanax in almost a year. I also stopped biting my nails. It was not a conscious decision. I just woke up one day and noticed that I had not bitten my nails in over two weeks and they had actually grown out. This was definitely a result of feeling more inner peace.

Lisa has worked with me through more processes, including a Mother-Father Process. I no longer feel scared of my parents. I feel confident in who I am and in showing them that. I am still working with Lisa and with each session and process, I feel more of my true self coming out. I feel like a new person. 

If you are able to, I strongly suggest working with Lisa. She is kind, understanding and compassionate. She is also non-judgmental and trustworthy, and I have not been one to trust easily. I highly recommend Lisa!

-Devora P.

Thank you SO much for this epic summation of an epic shift (referring to the notes Lisa sends after a CBE process).  I feel different in most every moment, and the lightness/freedom is noticeable.

I read through the beliefs and will continue to do so as this longer integration takes place. It is a foundational change.

I appreciate the insight and wisdom you share in the collaborative process, working in a trusted space with supportive guidance, the nimble adaptation to where and what the process reveals.  It’s extraordinary to work with you and I’m amazed and so appreciative.

The point that I’m continually impressed with in this work is that it is “my words” and “my choice” that determines both the extent to explore and the way in which it is integrated.  Not an outwardly devised system, but completely organic and unique from within.  And for “within.”  Thank you!

Core Belief Engineering was just what I needed to help me initiate the changes I wanted in my life. At the time, I was dealing with emotional triggers and anxious thoughts that were seriously impacting the quality of my life. I could not handle my volatile emotions and felt that all my energy went into just managing them. Prior to the CBE’s sessions, I have tired many modalities that did not help me make significant strides. CBE definitely did.

The sessions were intense and dug deeply into the many layers of my past self. I felt the change taking place in the midst of the first session and slowly implementing over the period of the next few weeks. The volume of triggers and my reactivity decreased as my self-awareness grew. I am now steady and unmoved in my core, regardless of the circumstances. I can no longer related to my past thinking and reactivity. The feeling of empowerment, as result of the sessions, is fantastic.

Working with Lisa was a revelation. Finding a way to be at peace with different parts of my being has quieted places that I had carried for a very long time. I used a great deal of energy, mostly subconsciously, but at times very consciously trying to let go of guilt tied to the past. My conscious mind knew it was time but it was always a struggle to stay focused on now and not slip into the places where I felt I had not been all that I might have been. Exhausting. This time to talk, while not always easy by any means –  to explore beliefs that I carried without even being aware of how they skewed my life, to experience relief at a very deep level of my being has quite literally enabled me to let go of so much hurt, grief, guilt, self-loathing that now my soul breathes in a freedom it has never known. This has given me a self confidence that I struggled for and a feeling of deep awareness that I am a person of worth and have gifts that can be shared without fear.

I have stopped debating this and that and care far less about all the nonsense and am more comfortable making the little decisions which leads to tackling much bigger ones with confidence.  I also find myself far more decisive and less combative too – which is an interesting combination! Wish I could have arrived here sooner but am most deeply grateful that I AM here, it makes life much more interesting and more fun too.

Lisa is very accomplished, she has great integrity and cares about the people she works with. If you got to the place of reading this and still are comfortable with what you are finding, Lisa may well be the right person for you at this time in your lifewalk.

-Anne S

What would you have liked your younger self to have known about CBE and what’s possible?

I would like my younger self to know that healing is possible. The journey is rough and can be daunting but it is a great way to find answers to many questions that you have and you even don’t know you had. 

What do you want other people to know?

It is a process that requires a bit more open mindedness than normal conventional therapy, but it helps to embrace the process and trust your therapist to guide you through the journey. 

What issue(s) did you work on and what were your results/changes?

I worked through how I process grief and how I was taught to view strength. Strength doesn’t mean not allowing your emotions to show. Strength comes from embracing them and letting them to flow. If you bottle emotions up it can be harmful, whether it is anger, pain, grief or stress.

How did experiencing the CBE process(es) change your life? 

I never felt any results from normal psychological sessions after I had lost my father and felt like I could “cheat” the system by hiding the pain and grief, but with the CBE process you can’t hide what is really wrong for very long and you obtain results that are positive and applicable. You also learn a lot about yourself during the process. Small things that finally make sense and allow you to make peace with the past and embrace who you are now. 

How do you feel now that your changes have integrated and become a normal part of your life?

I feel a lot more confident in who I am and the way I handle situations. I also feel like I trust myself more and am not affected negatively as much by others around me. I have also started standing up for myself in situations I didn’t realise that I was allowing people to be negative towards me.

Paint a picture of yourself “before” and “after” experiencing CBE.

Before CBE I was suffering from severe grief and depression that was aggravated by learnt behaviour. After, I still have my ups and downs, but I embrace them and am not ashamed of them and feel like I have healed a lot of wounds that I didn’t realise were still there.

Core Belief Engineering bears fruit every time! I’ve been doing Core Belief Engineering sessions for over 20 years. As an artist and entrepreneur my mind needs to be in athletic level shape to stay sharp and keep evolving my craft. With every big leap in my career, Core Belief Engineering has partnered with me to help me make huge leaps in my life. It is my go-to support when I’m faced with stubborn issues that just won’t budge. When I bring the toughest issues to my sessions, I’m blown away every time with how much progress is made. Core Belief Engineering has given me roots of inner support, and wings to take flight with my highest aspirations.  If you want to experience breakthrough after breakthrough, Core Belief Engineering will exceed your expectations!

-Laura Hollick

Soul Artist, Founder of Soul Art Studio Inc.

Lisa is the best of the best when it comes to guiding Core Belief Engineering sessions. She is so skilled it seems simple.  When you’ve got tough issues to detangle  Lisa’s patience an prowess will reach the gold every time. Give yourself the gift of working with Lisa and she’ll help you unlock the next level of your genius!

-Laura Hollick

Soul Artist, Founder of Soul Art Studio Inc.

Before meeting Lisa, I had been on the journey of healing for a while and had tried quite a number of therapies and methods of self help. What I found was that the results of those techniques were successful, but short-lived. A few months later, I would find myself either back to square one or at least in another predicament that seemed all too familiar and similar to the first one. It felt like I was just chasing the next bandaid for my “symptoms”. And I was tired. Tired of searching, tired of trying the next method, and tired of dealing with the never-ending anxiety, the constant limiting beliefs, and the feeling of being stuck. I just felt stuck. Like I might just have to learn to live with all the thought patterns and habits I found myself so desperately trying to get out of.

And then I heard about CBE. I was pretty skeptical. I had never heard about this path and didn’t quite understand how it worked. I decided to surf Lisa’s website. When I hit a certain sentence, I was sold. “Are you still repeating the same old patterns and reactions despite self-awareness and attempts to change?” I thought she must’ve been talking to me. So I booked a consultation. From the first hour of getting to know each other and discussing what I worked on, I knew I had landed a gold mine. I felt safe, heard, understood, validated, and most importantly, I felt hope. Hope that there might be something that can truly help me move on from the debilitating thoughts and anxiety.

As the day of my first process loomed, I started to feel nervous. What if I just can’t do it? What if I cry? What if we find skeletons in my closet? What if it just doesn’t work on me? And then I joined the call. And my life hasn’t been the same since. It sounds cliche but I truly mean it. I was moved in ways I never knew I could be moved. My soul was touched in places I didn’t know existed. And my subconscious found parts of me that had been dying to be heard, ever since they were shut down. There was a point in the process that a wellspring was unlocked and it was just what I was afraid of. But it wasn’t what I had expected. I found my inner child reaching out for a hug, reaching for her long lost caretaker. And it was beautiful. It wasn’t terrifying or skeletal. It was safe. I was safe. And so was my inner child. Reuniting with my inner child has been the absolute best thing I’ve done for my mental health. Tapping into what she went through and helping her grow and heal has been incredibly wholesome.

In our review session a month later, I was shocked at how many things I had actually told Lisa before the process- things I wanted to work on, things I would tell myself, etc. I was shocked because I truly didn’t feel that way anymore. Since that first process, I’ve done another one which has also impacted my ways that I would’ve never expected, including my personal life, my career, and my relationships. I feel so blessed to have crossed paths with Lisa and to have received of her invaluable gifts. She has an incredible ability to make you feel safe, loved, heard, and cared for. I know CBE is not a very well-known concept but I only wish that more individuals would experience it in the ways I have. If you’re nervous or skeptical, tell her that. But make that call. I did and I would do it over and over and over again.

Things have been great. I feel positive and more lively, and I’ve been sleeping better. I have much less anxiety. I’m able to communicate calmly. I’m acknowledging how I feel and thinking through it and then verbalizing what I choose to. Before I’d be overwhelmed and totally shut down. My confidence is back and am hearing positive self-talk when I look in the mirror. I don’t need anyone to tell me I look good! I feel a sense of self-security. I’m not needy! I don’t feel that loneliness. My self-doubt fell away and now I hear my inner self saying, “Go!” Feelings of self-validation. I no longer feel so focused on a future relationship. I’m okay with where I am. Feeling my own presence is natural now. And I’m appreciating all the love I have in my life like never before. Much more present. Everything I discovered about myself in the process was so on pointe. I had zero expectations going in. What was eye opening was that the issues had to do with childhood. I thought it was about my marriage. I don’t even think about him anymore. It’s so insignificant now. I’m not angry at myself anymore. My feelings of why I was angry makes so much sense. I feel I know myself so much better. I’m more at peace with everything now. Before I didn’t feel comfortable and I was always angry and didn’t feel I belonged anywhere. Now I don’t feel any of that. It’s totally shifted. Thank you!


Until I met Lisa, I was completely submerged in old beliefs about myself, other people and every relationship I’ve ever had.  Self-defeating scripts constantly controlled my mind.  Core Belief Engineering is changing my life on a daily basis.  Lisa’s unique form of counselling and intuitive guidance has taught me the direct connection between subconscious beliefs and childhood trauma.

Lisa’s warm, engaging and truly compassionate personality make all our sessions extremely meaningful and I feel like we have built a wonderful connection.  Lisa provides an environment that is always safe to open up and makes it easy to share and be vulnerable.  She’s had an enormous impact on my healing journey and she always provides me with the hope that these outdated, subconscious patterns & beliefs can be transcended into something positive and fulfilling.

The biggest lesson Lisa has taught me is that the “parts” who have sabotaged my life in the past are not who I truly am.  They were merely coping strategies, albeit unhealthy, to merely survive an extremely traumatic childhood.

Lisa has given me the greatest gift of all.  Myself.  Exactly who I was created to be and who I am meant to become.


The world is smiling back at me…

There’s definitely been a major shift! People are smiling and coming to me now. I don’t feel caught up in “Other people are better than me” anymore. What other people think has nothing to do with me. Now I can just live my life. I’m enveloped in calm and acceptance. The disaster scenario thinking is gone. My hearts is so much more open to happiness than before. I feel lightness and confidence in my body. More self-love and more value in myself.

The self-loathing is gone! Now I feel that I am okay. I’m not so dependent on other people. I still do everything to the best of my ability. Sometimes it doesn’t work out, and that’s okay. It doesn’t change the fact that I am okay. That’s a huge deal for me.

I am giving myself more permission to be more intelligent and talented now. I am so much more Conscious! I’m feeling much more wise. I’ve been standing up more for myself. I’m not sacrificing my self-responsibility to please others anymore.

I feel subtle but profound changes. I’m like a flower opening. It’s been lovely and wonderful.


I am a 27 year-old dental hygienist who felt 87 years-old. I was living with constant self-doubt and afraid to do everything. I worried 75% of every day. I was never happy because I was always needing somebody else’s approval for decisions and hoped my mom or somebody would take care of things for me. I was too scared to go out and get my independence but I wanted it. I had no confidence to even go into Tim Horton’s to get a coffee for myself!

If someone would reject me in some way, I would be consumed by it for a week or longer. It’s like I would dive into a pit of negativity, worry, self-doubt, and I’d just beat myself up over and over. I would get sick all the time. I had stomach problems from all of the stress. I was always over-analysing things and feeling small and powerless.

I had no confidence at work. I would worry about work on Sunday and then I would recap every day and beat myself up about what I should have done or not done the previous day. I was afraid of confrontation in general and tried to do everything to avoid it. I was always focused on the negative. I was always thinking my patients hated me. I had so much stress and anger and annoyance that I would bitch and complain all the time. I was drained and tired all the time.

I decided to work with Lisa because basically, I wanted to be the opposite of how I was. We did two sessions – one 5.5 hours and the other 6.5 hours. All of my stuff was interconnected. It all went together, like different branches on one tree. So we were able to address all of the ways I was held back quite quickly. I liked that. I thought it would take forever!

Working with Lisa with CBE has been extremely helpful. The real me is here. I’m calmer, not fearful at all. I’m more positive and my moods are more even. I’m more comfortable in my skin and in the world. And I’m having a ton of fun! I’m actually going to get togethers and parties and enjoying myself! Before, when my fiancée, Tom, would go out, I would be afraid and lost. Now I’ve been doing my own thing. I’ve been going shopping, seeing my friends more, and going to get a coffee and a donut! I actually do that with confidence now! I also left Tom at a party when I wanted to leave, instead of being bored and waiting for him and then being mad at him later. This felt so good for both of us!

I now feel that I’m worth having happiness and peacefulness. And I’m living my life by my own authority. I asked my mom to stop doing everything for me and she stopped! I’m being a more confident, assertive, decisive person with my life. I’m not afraid to use my smarts. I’m comfortable with the decisions I make. Things in general are not as bothersome to me anymore. This is liberation! I’m not overanalyzing as much and I feel in control of myself.

I also now really get that the things that are out of my control are not my fault. I just go to work and do the best job I can do and if someone’s unhappy, they’re unhappy. That’s okay. It’s not life and death anymore. The other day I had a jerk patient but I didn’t bend over backwards to please him. And I didn’t hold onto it afterwards. I let it go. I actually have more of a sense of humour about it all.

I’ve stopped the recapping. Now I live day to day and have more clearness in my head. I’ve stopped myself from complaining and being negative, and I’m getting lots of positive feedback from everyone. These are really big changes for me and I am thrilled.


Before working with Lisa, I was filled with worry and totally focused on external validation. My mom drilled it in my head that I was no good, and I believed her. I was constantly worried about whether other people liked me. It was controlling my life. In college, my first priority was gaining other people’s validation, so I underachieved and felt really guilty about that. It was a terrible cycle. I always tried to get my mother to see I was good by doing everything at home. I took over my father’s role when he left and basically exhausted myself. And I had been exhausting myself running after something I could never get every day since then. I wanted to be perfect and I would always ask myself, “Am I doing the right thing? Will this be well-viewed by my friends? Society?” I was totally caught up in that. I wasn’t living my life. Saying I was stuck is an understatement.

I went to see Lisa because I wanted to be fully confident. I wanted to pursue my interests full throttle ahead. I knew my stuckness was a product of my upbringing and I hadn’t been able to get unstuck on my own.

It took only two sessions to get me totally unblocked. I want people to know that when you go from feeling like garbage to knowing you are worth something, that’s huge! My self-doubt is completely gone. I feel good about myself now. I feel worthy. This has changed my personal efficiency. I used to be so stressed about my workload. I was trying to be superman. Now I’m working within my limits, knowing I can’t do everything,  and I’m getting more done! I have more energy. I’m more positive and more secure within myself. More positive thoughts float through my head now. It’s like the positive is feeding itself now. I’m more comfortable with my friends, and I don’t have to put up a front with my boss anymore. My entire quest for external validation is completely gone. My sense of self is better and stronger, and I feel more control and more relaxed. Lisa, I feel that our sessions have unconcealed a new road map, paving the way to a new highway where I can drive full throttle, full speed ahead into the sunset. Thank you!


Working with Lisa had changed my life in a more profound way than I was capable of imagining before I started working with her. As a survivor of childhood emotional abuse, I didn’t even realize the extent of the damage. I came to Lisa because I wanted to be the best, healthiest version of myself and when I started working with Lisa, I was stuck in patterns I didn’t completely understand ( including social anxiety, anxiety in general, relationship patterns, issues with self worth and self esteem, and depression). With all my trust issues, Lisa earned my trust quickly with her warmth and keen ability to understand. With compassion, understanding, and a whole lot of patience, Lisa taught me the basics of a healthy mind, healthy communication skills, helped me grieve my losses, and taught me what constitutes healthy boundaries and guided me to look inside for the answers and understanding I needed for myself. Lisa not only helped me through my issues, she put her heart and soul into my work and put the emotional energy in to understand all of me. After a little over 2 years of working with Lisa, I have matured many emotional years. I now live a more conscious life and it’s more freeing than I could have ever imagined. Lisa helped me find my self worth and heal the emotional wounds. I am now a strong, emotionally independent person with confidence, peace of mind and healthy and true relationships in a way that I never imagined was possible. I will forever be grateful to Lisa and the safe space she let me heal in.

When I first started the CBE sessions, I was confused and locked up in myself and didn’t quite know what to do with the fears that seemed to infiltrate my life. With a new baby, new home and for the first time not working to secure my own source of income, I felt very fragile.  All my strength, both emotional and physical, seemed to seep away from my very soul. With CBE, and you Lisa in your relentlessly patient and meticulous questioning and refusal to stop until all issues were addressed, I was able to identify the key root causes that spurned my fears.  In the past, it was easy to look towards outside sources and not rely on my own inner strength since the pace of work life demanded a constant outward look on the world, exhausted I would sleep peacefully until the next work day. This life was no longer the case when I had a little baby. I wanted to be the best role model that my little angel could depend on and that meant that I had to muster all the courage to seek alternative methods that could help me heal my demons that were bubbling up inside of me.  They were always there, but being home and many moments of aloneness with me and my baby forced me to deal with them. The CBE sessions helped me, with effective and kind support from you Lisa, to tackle the issues head on and find a coping system inside of myself in a healthy and supporting way to deal with the very real issues in life that many people ignore, myself included of course.  I have become more courageous, honest, humbled and stronger in going through the process. There are still days when I relapse, but I trust my inner “part” and it never fails to be there when I need it. My heartfelt thanks Lisa for your CBE sessions.

This is the laundry list I gave Lisa to work with: a deeply engrained pattern of hating myself manifesting in inferiority, feeling like a failure, intense self-criticism and self-doubt, bouts of feeling really low, worry, anxiety, massive people pleasing, needing external approval, and basically being a doormat. I hated myself. I was constantly struggling with myself.

Lisa and I worked with three parts of me who were doing their best to protect me from the abuse I grew up with. The process was amazing. I felt alert, aware, rejuvenated, and great after the session, which was six weeks ago. And the changes I’ve achieved have been life altering. I now know myself and love myself wholeheartedly and know that I’m a noble being.

Specifics? I am feeling more resilient inside. My self-talk has changed. It’s not negative anymore. No more self-bullying. I feel like a friend inside. I can feel inner strength, and I don’t get uptight anymore. No more racing heart or palpitations. Sleep is not an escape for me anymore. The anger and rage I was carrying is gone. Now when I get angry, it’s clear, present, and clean anger. It’s not laced with anything. I have a voice now. I’ve actually been talking more and writing. My voice has been released and this feels great. I am not conforming to people anymore. The people pleasing has stopped. I feel that I have a much more well-ordered mind. I don’t feel suppressed. My Conscious Mind is directing my show now. I feel in control and empowered. I am taking care of myself and nurturing myself – something I’ve never done. I am also enjoying listening to my inner voice. It’s just incredible! These changes have given me the ability to walk on the earth the way I was intended to.

Bless you, Lisa, for your love, compassion, and your tremendous skill with Core Belief Engineering.


Thank you, Lisa, so much! You helped me changed my life! I have stopped obsessing with the past and I am a lot lighter overall. I feel more freedom. Other people are more attracted to me. I’ve received a lot of compliments from people. I’m more at peace with myself. That is the greatest gift and I guess it shows – even to strangers! I can now invite other people’s feedback and listen to it and learn from it. This is great! I feel so much better about myself because improving my communication has been a goal of mine forever. I feel powerful as a person now. I’m much more positive, and I feel deserving now. I’m so pleased and so grateful to you Lisa for this really important work!

Before working with Lisa and having my eyes opened from the inside, I thought I was in love with a man who told me repeatedly that he wouldn’t leave his wife. I tried to control him and manipulate him to want me. I needed to be loved at all costs. I was totally compromising myself and my ideals and values to be loved.

My self-betrayal was making me sick. I knew I was in a self-made prison and I knew I had the key, but I could not let myself out. I asked Lisa to help me get my actions to follow my values. I wanted to feel responsible for my own feelings and for making myself feel safe and happy. I wanted to set clear boundaries on what I will accept and not, and stick by them.

The result of working with Lisa for 5.5 hours? I left him. I’m never going to allow anyone to use or manipulate me again. I know my worth now. I am free. I’ve also noticed that I’m not using laughter as a defense mechanism anymore. It’s not needed. It’s okay for me to be serious or neutral or whatever. It’s okay to be myself because I am ok. This feels really good. I feel important to myself now. I have my humanity and my self-respect back.


Call me and let’s talk.

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