Advanced CBE Processes for Extraordinary Results

Mother-Father Process

Do you feel you’re living your parents’ core beliefs and life scripts? Do you sometimes hear your parent’s words or tones coming out of your mouth when you swore you’d never be like that?

  • Resolve parent issues (Yes, it’s possible)
  • Break the chain of limiting multigenerational belief systems and behaviours
  • Resolve issues to do with becoming a parent to your own children

This advanced process will clear belief systems absorbed from your parents (and previous generations) that are obstructing your self-esteem, potential, and happiness. It will help you integrate the very best of your parents and live your own best life.

Note: Resolving your issues with your parents before they die is a priceless gift to yourself and them. Coming to peace with your issues with your parents after they’ve died can be healing beyond words. I highly recommend it.

Also note: This process usually takes two sessions to complete.

Male-Female Process

We’re all comprised of male and female energies. Sometimes one side or the other can become suppressed or dominant, throwing us out of whack mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

  • Resolve blocks in forming and maintaining healthy relationships
  • End patterns of sabotage in the selection of partners
  • Enhance and strengthen your most important relationship – your relationship with yourself

This advanced process will clear limiting belief patterns and behavioral styles that are determined by male and female social programming and personal decision — i.e. beliefs about gender roles, concepts of masculinity and femininity, physical appearance, sexuality, sexual stereotypes, intimacy, expression, communication, relationships, etc.

Note: This process comes after the Mother-Father Process

Also note: This process usually takes two sessions to complete.

Aligning the Chakric Body

Limiting belief systems can affect the healthy functioning of your chakras (centers of spiritual power in your body).

  • Resolve belief systems causing energy blockages
  • Improve overall energy flow in the body-mind
  • Achieve better mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health
  • Strengthen your conscious connection with your inner self
  • Enhance and sharpen your intuition

This process unblocks and upgrades the functioning of your chakric body so that your energy system can flow without obstruction or interference.

Special Note to Adult Children of Alcoholics

As I can attest to personally, growing up in an alcoholic home creates a special set of challenges for children when they become adults. Adult children of alcoholics share many common traits or characteristics. If you’re not familiar with the literature on Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACOA) and Codependency, I strongly encourage you to read up on it. Core Belief Engineering can be very helpful in resolving the limiting core belief systems that manifest in these particular challenges.

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