“The only way out is through.”

- Carl Jung

What is Core Belief Engineering?

Core Belief Engineering is a transformational form of counseling whose premise is that beliefs are the main psychological factor influencing behaviour. This method assists people to identify, examine, and change the limiting belief systems holding them back. Sessions produce lasting change and result in enhanced conscious freedom and choice, increased confidence and inner strength, greater peace of mind, and easier management of emotions, intellect and intuition.

I asked my clients how they’d describe their CBE process.

This is what they said:

With CBE, Lisa helped me find the root of the problem and worked from there. There were no coping mechanism to learn or band aids for the subconscious cycles I was stuck in. Lisa kindly and compassionately walked me through a process where we worked to find answers and understanding within myself to build up from there and be a more conscious being.


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