“There is no passion to be found in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”

- Nelson Mandela

Hello entrepreneur!

Yes, you guys get your own page because you are your own breed.

Are you “successful” but unhappy?

I know you

If you’re like the many entrepreneurs I’ve worked with, you’re ridiculously intelligent and creative, highly competitive and self-confident, and have a lightning fast, linear ability to think, problem-solve, forecast, and create. You’re a fun, risk-taking, passionate, dynamic, charismatic, engaging “anything-is-possible-fuck-the-box” forward thinker who loves learning. You don’t want your time wasted.

I get you

People could never put you in a box.

Your educators, guidance counselors, and parents didn’t know what to do with you. “If only you would just apply yourself…” “For the love of God, why can’t you just sit there and …”

Your unique talents, abilities, and attention span were not celebrated.

I know how to help you

I’ve helped many entrepreneurs overcome similar challenges:

  • The tendency to be incredibly hard on yourself
  • Constant nervousness and agitation
  • Big ups and downs
  • Drinking more than you want to
  • Although you’re financially successful, you live in an existential crisis: “I’ve achieved all of this and I’m still miserable. WTF?”

Why work with me?

  • I get what makes you tick
  • I can keep up with you
  •  I can help you resolve what you’re struggling with

Without anxiety I can actually focus on the task at hand and I can make much better and much more relaxed decisions on what to do to move forward. Resolving my internal issues has made all the difference in getting things done at work, and my personal life has never been better. Investing in myself and my inner world has been the highest ROI investment I’ve ever made. It’s the fundamental work that has shifted everything for me. That, and I’m so much happier day to day!

James Perly

President, Perly Consulting Group Inc.

Call me and let’s talk.

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